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Questions Submitted  - Sorted into Chapters:

The Paranormal

Does Sage (smudging) really dispel all things negative? - Answered

After you pass away, if you visit in Spirit, do you appear to others looking the same as when you passed? - Answered

Do the Smells we experience for no reason connect to the Spirits? - Answered

How is it that Spirits Affect electronics? - Answered

Do Spirits care about burial location or their remains being disturbed? - Answered

What is the 3 am Vail between Realms Phenomenon? - Answered

What is a Poltergeist? - Answered

Do Spirits actually visit more on Halloween and Why? - Answered

Are Spirits able to come through a Mirror? - Answered

Do Spirits or other Entities have the Ability to hurt us ? - Answered


Unexplained Life Forms

How come we haven’t been able to find a Bigfoot? – Answered

Are there Extraterrestrial beings out there? - Answered

Are Spirit Guides Angels or other Beings? - Answered

Were Angels ever Human? - Answered

Do Angels really have wings and Appear with them? - Answered


The Human Condition

When you die, do the thoughts and feelings in your Brain die with the body or go with you? - Answered

What happens to us when we Die? At that moment and also after. - Answered

How come some people sense Spirits and others do not? - Answered

At what point in pregnancy does a child have a Soul? - Answered

What is Karma and How does it work? - Answered

After passing away, are we able to come experience things we liked to do when alive? - Answered



Is there a Purgatory that we get held in after death? - Answered

What happens to your Soul if you commit Suicide? - Answered

Is it true that you have to be Baptized to go to Heaven? - Answered

Must you be "Saved" or "Born Again" to go to Heaven? - Answered

Is Communion Really the Body & Blood of Jesus? - Answered


Science & The Universe

Does the Zodiac have anything to do with our Souls? - Answered

Was it the Big Bang or God that Created everything? - Answered


Animals & Trees

Is there an Afterlife or Reincarnation for Animals? - Answered

When Humans are Reincarnated, do they ever come back as an Animal or Insect? - Answered

Which Animals are Humans allowed to Eat? - Answered

Do Trees have Souls or Spirits like Humans? - Answered


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